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Welcomt to Zhejiang Wei Chi Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd Official website??!

DGC1804 Filling and Seaming Machine

This machine is designed and produced on the basis of 30 years beverage packing experience.
It adopts ordinary filling principle, and the main electric components adopt import products, like “Siemens” PLC, “Delta” frequency converter, “Omron” proximity sensor and “Siemens” analog output. The user could setup the production speed on touch screen. Machine alarms automatically of all common malfunctions and shows the cause and position of malfunction, PLC detects and decides to continue or stop the machine according the level of malfunction.
It is high speed filling、running steady、high quality seaming、pleasing appearance、convenient for use and maintenance、touch screen operation、frequency control and the distances between liquid level and rim of can are consistent. It is ideal equipment for beverage factories and food plants.

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